Why You Should Travel To Countries With Beaches

Why You Should Travel To Countries With Beaches

Why You Should Travel To Countries With Beaches

Traveling to countries with nice beaches as well as bit*hes, should be on your agenda. It is a great way to relax, have fun and let off some steam from work that may be stressing you.

When you are stressed all the time, it is not good for your health nor is it productive way to spend your work. Sometimes it is better to chill out and relax for a few days before returning back to work. Actually studies showed that you are more productive when you relax and not do work instead of working all the time.

Maybe read a few travel blogs and tips for your next destination and how to travel cheap.

Gettings some nice tan

Who doesn’t love a healthy glow? Get some vitamin D and enjoy the sunshine. Countries that have plenty of sunshine and beaches are one of the countries that are happiest. Studies have shown that getting some sun makes you happy and more healthier.

Did you know that a lot of northern countries that are cold and countries that don’t get much sunlight have the highest suicide rates in the world? The sun triggers hormones and chemicals that make us happy so book your tickets now to Northbeach!

Working out and improving fitness

There is a reason why countries with hotter climates tend to have more attractive people. When you live in a country or a community that has people working shirtless all the time, you would want to look your healthies and most presentable.

There is a certain shame in being overweight and shirtless. So it makes someone self-conscious and want to work out to become more attractive.

It is not only about becoming more attractive as well, you become healthier and you pick up good habits that are helpful to your health.

Something to look at

Hey, we don’t judge. If you like looking at attractive people and some skin, you have more of an excuse to stare at people.

Colder countries and climates don’t offer you the chance to perhaps appreciate someone’s beauty, but in warmer and hotter countries you have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the human physique.

Learning to swim

Ever wanted to learn how to swim, but couldn’t find nearby pools? Well, when you visit countries that have beaches, then you can swim for free and migtht as well end up learning how to swim on your own.

You don’t necessarily have to become the next Michael Phelps, but for whatever reason if you find yourself floating in water, you don’t have to worry that you are not able to swim.

Showing off to your friends

It is douchy to take shirtless pictures of yourself and post it on social media without any context. Which is why, when you go to beaches it a great way to show off your nice body to the world and perhaps some friends that have not seen you shirtless.

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