About us

About Us

North Beach Chabad establishes in 2010. We aim to connect guests who aim to rest in Flo-Rida, with high quality service hotels through the state. I, also, crazy about travelling that means I know and experienced difficulties to travel and find comfortable hotels. I hope you will have a great time in Flo-rida and wish you all the best in your life from Chabad. North Beach has a tons of tourists attraction places, which a myriad of people visit to see it with bare eyes and seek for advantages all through years.

North beach is comfy place for all ages of people and one of the sought after places for tourists. North beach formed favorable situation for people to both enjoy and rest in one place.

We only cover a breakfast but if you would like to have a lunch and dinner for our places you can have it for extra money.

Only transfer to airport included in fee.

You have to cancel your booking 48 hours before your arrival date. In this case we charge one night room price. Otherwise there is no refund for cancellation.