How To Live Your Dream Life

How To Live Your Dream Life

How To Live Your Dream Life

One of the most peculiar and interesting things about life is that we think is possible and what we think in our thoughts, it comes to fruition and becomes true. If someone thinks people are nice to them and receive them well, then he or she will pick up on signs that people are being nice and they are most likely going to enjoy their experience.

With traveling, if you always tell yourself that you don’t have money to travel, that it is dangerous, that it is expensive, then you will never actually take the step to fulfill your wish to travel, because in your reality and how you see your life is that you will never have the money, nor the time, or the interest to travel there.

Imagination Is Key

If you want to change that, try imagining yourself in your favorite destination and country where you are doing something, interacting with the locals, and just enjoying your time. You can watch a video, or read about it and close your eyes for a few seconds to feel as if though you are already there. In such a case, you will pick up on small signals and events that will unfold before you travel to where you want to go.

Maybe there is a discount on last-minute tickets to where you want to go. Maybe your relative decides to travel there and invites you along. Life is not black and white. There are still things science can not explain and one of the greatest fallacies is that we are separate from each other and that our thoughts and feelings don’t influence other people. But we do influence each other’s thoughts and ideas, which is why it’s important to think for yourself and feel for yourself, and not what other people have said or told you.

Some Practice To Get Used To It

If you want to travel but if you don’t have the money, then every morning just imagines yourself waking up and filling your suitcase excited about catching your flight. Thinking of what you will fill it with and how you there is plenty of time to get to the airport etc. Really feel like you have a plane to catch that you have a flight to your favorite destination.

You might just get a call from a friend, a relative, or your boss might give you a check to travel and have fun, so such incidents will make it seem like random at first, but your thoughts and imaginations have made that happen. You have already gotten it, so it’s already going to happen. Faith is the answer.

Our Example With Office Decoration & Environment

For example, our team has been trying to find ways to make our company and employees more productive. No matter what we did, no matter what we gave them our team just was not pulling through with their work, reservations, and being a little irresponsible. So instead I and a few of my management team just imagined everyone having an amazing time at the office, that they enjoy their work and have great pride and joy being at the office working and being productive.

At first, things didn’t seem that different, but after a week or so, people started to be more happy jolly at the office. They started decorating it and showed us some websites with great tips to make our work environment more welcoming and productive.

They have been making team events for what they wanted to do. So it really caught management off guard. They might read this blog and actually try the thinking technique out for themselves.

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