The cheapest beach travel destinations

The cheapest beach travel destinations

The cheapest beach travel destinations

By the summer of 2017 you can enjoy the cheapest beach travels in this destinations . If you decide to visit, the new states need to familiarize themselves with their customs and traditions. At least, then, to tell my friends. Here you can find more cheap travel tips!

During summer holidays, only to improve your health and to be saved, you must be responsible for the organization of the tour. With less money, you can find a summer vacation and provide quality services. You need today to organize travel arrangements, reservation tickets, hotel, passport, and visa.

In the summer of 2017 it is affordable to have cheap beaches, seaside breaks, children or live independently


  The most expensive list is Bulgaria’s position as the seat of the resort. His travels are in the soft and calm Black Sea coast. There is a gateway to the Black Sea in our country, but Bulgaria is the other coastal climate, tourist service and food. However, in Bulgaria you can have a wonderful price at a reasonable price, and the summer break is a positive emotion.

Tourism is an important part of the state budget, so every year it is only good results. In the summer, Bulgaria has a mild climate, soft beaches and pure beaches with soft sand. In addition, tourists are not boring, so they offer a lot of travel options, which are cheap.

An important advantage of the resort is the Bulgarian bus, which drastically reduces the total cost of vouchers. To use the pre-order service, you must purchase a ticket 3 months prior to the trip and take up to 30% of your total travel expenses throughout the season.

In the summer of 2017, it is interesting to find a place to relax in a cheap vacation destination, which is to enjoy the seaside holiday and listen to the special expenses. By 2017 two weeks of vacation in Bulgaria will be over two weeks. It will cost around 600 euros.

The most popular Bulgarian resorts are Golden Sands, Sunny Beach and vouchers. But instead of having a lot of people, it’s a popular vacation. It does not affect the quality of the offered services, but it’s cheap for vouchers. If you plan to fly, do not go for buses, the average cost of traveling two weeks to Bulgaria to 800 euros. Remember that Bulgarian people are friendly, and many speak Russian and everything is great for tourists of Slavic countries.


  There is another direction in the summer of 2017 during the summer. The Montenegro seaside holiday in central Europe is priced and cheap. Montenegro is very good for families with children. Because the rest of the resort is calm and good for the sea, the local nature is unusual and beautiful.

Again, it’s been a long time tour of Montenegro for a couple of years, and this service is called an “early booking” and takes up to 30% of the total voucher costs at the season. Depending on the financial availability, you can choose different hotels and locations. The airport will cost two weeks to two weeks in Montenegro and cost about 1000 euros. If you want, you can find the cheaper minute.


  Today in Turkey, it is possible to find information on the status of a tourist destination. However, as experts say, the holidays are popular among Mongolians living in our country. Cheap, all-inclusive holiday programs, available on Black or Mediterranean beaches.

In order to get a trip, tourists usually wait for last minute trips. Their peculiarity comes one or two days before they leave, but it can save a lot. For example, two people on hot trips are only for 600 euros. If you do not want to get on the pin and needle, wait for your preferred time. It is best to book a holiday in Turkey.


The country is considered the cheapest for independent vacation. If you want to succeed, you can find a $ 100 per month. It looks funny compared to our rental price. It also costs less to rent a magnificent house on the beach or beach.

Thai building

Eating here is very cheap. Especially when you cook for yourself, Thai food, simple meat and plain fruits, especially in the market, are very low. If you do not want to cook, you can eat only one dollar for a local cafe. Lunch will be served noodles, rice and meat.

Other goods, including clothing. If you are not worried about brand and quality, you can do a good store in Thailand.


Friendly Vietnamese accommodation for tourists from Russia is of paramount importance. Only three-star hotel could cost $ 25 a day, and it’s possible to get the equivalent of Egypt or the Emirate complex.

The Vietnamese resort does not like experienced travelers. Here the visitor is the main person regardless of the country of origin.

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